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  • What is an RBI in baseball?

RBI is abbreviated for ‘Run Batted In’ and is a statistic used to credit a baseball batter with the outcomes of his or her bat results in a scored run, with the only exception when an error is made in play.

  • Would a home run count as an RBI?

The batter is credited with a hit and run scored every time a home run is scored and an RBI for each runner that scores. Similarly, the pitcher is recorded as having given up a hit and a run for each runner that scores including the batter.

  • How many baseball players are there on a team?questions-1328466_1920

There can be up to 25 players active on the roster. There can be even more numbers on the Disabled List. Of course, there are always 9 players active on the field.

  • How are the Leagues structured?

All professional baseball teams have a certain ranking of Minor League Baseball teams that are used for player development. The levels that are lowest are ‘short season’ and ‘rookie ball’. The Minor League level comes in a hierarchy with low A, High A, double A and last at the highest, Triple A.

  • When was baseball introduced to the Italians?

baseball-1149493_1920The Second World War proved to be a unifying factor between the Americans and the Italians when soldiers from both armies put aside their differences when working together to build cemeteries for their fallen comrades. On their work breaks the soldiers would gather at nearby fields to have a game or two of baseball and this sport stuck on after the American troops left the country.

  • How did the game baseball begin?

The game baseball is based on the English game of rounders which became popular in the United States in the early 19th century. The game also had other names like ‘townball’, ‘base’ or ‘baseball’.

  • When was the first baseball game officially played in Italy?

The inaugural season for the baseball sport in Italy was in 1948.

  • I’ve heard a lot about Nettuno which is considered to be the hotspot for baseball in Italy. Could you tell me more?

Nettuno is a town that is located in the Lazio region of central Italy, around 37 miles south of Rome. Its name is probably derived from the God Neptune. The Nettuno baseball Club is one of the main Italian baseball teams and is often the winner of the national championship.

  • Could you tell me more about the Nettuno Baseball Club?

The Nettuno Baseball Club was established in 1945 and is located and based out of the famous baseball team Nettuno. The club competes in the IBL which stands for the Italian Baseball League, with one team from the club competing in the first division, and one team from the club participating in the second division. The Nettuno Baseball Club is the holder of the Italian baseball record for the most number of wins.